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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for The Flash Episode 150 “Heart of the Matter, Part 1.”]

It is a family case of episode 150 of flash!! Barry (Grant Gustin) And Iris'(Candice Patton) Future children, Nora / XS (Jessica Parker Kennedy) And Bart / Impulse ()Jordan Fisher), Time travel until when Team Flash is busy dealing with the Godspeed War, and things change quickly.

By the end of the episode, after refusing to sit on the sidelines, his uncle Jay (John Wesley Ship) Become a victim of Godspeeds — especially as Speedster killed Jay in the future and made him thaw — Bart remains in a deep coma.To understand why Godspeed went to the Flash Museum in the future, they must unleash the memory of today’s Speedster … August Heart number Think about who he is. Barry travels to his heart at the last moment of the episode.

TV Insider caught up with Fisher, discussed West-Allen’s family dynamics and Bart’s performance, and attempted to bully the season’s finale.

Start by looking at the funny and impulsive side of Bert, and then start peeling layers as this episode progresses.Can you do itDo you talk about stepping into that role?

Jordan Fisher: Whatever you knew about Bart before entering the show Young justice Impulse. I grew up reading manga, but to be honest, I wasn’t very interested in flash until I knew all of this. But the way I work, I dive first and don’t go out into the air until it’s full of information. I like studying. I always wanted to play a superhero. But as a fan of superheroes, and as a fan of comics, I neglected my attention. If you’re playing a superhero, you have to make sure it’s the right one and you’re a fan of this character — not necessarily a show or anything else — you’re happy and it’s I’m happy with where it is.

After all, I became a fan, so it’s based on my feelings. So when I got into this, it was like it would be a dream. It will be a lot of fun. But it’s already such a well-oiled machine. I don’t know how it will be accepted. I don’t understand the feelings of the fans. I don’t know how they are performing, such as set casts and crew. It’s just like what it is. But much of my career is already established, so thankfully I have some experience there. What’s more, I was warmly welcomed by the nicest cast, the nicest crew, and the production team. Everyone involved was very nice and I really spent the time of my life. Hopefully it will read.

Finally, when he sees Bart, he is in a deep coma. What can you make fun of about what we see about Bart and his condition at the Season Finale?

You know I can’t say anything! [Laughs] All I can say is that I think the fans will be very happy [and] I am very excited about what they see at the finale. It’s a lot of surprises, a lot of excitement. People are going to be pretty crazy at the finale.

There are many things to unpack [with the different sides of Bart].. Obviously, even on the flash timeline, it’s very, very complicated. But you will continue to know Bart and the rest of these characters and will see some aspects of these characters that are so loved that you have never seen them. It’s thrilling. Participating in the show is a thrilling time.

Barry came to Augusthart’s head. How much does Barry hear about Bart, who hasn’t been told yet? I know Godspeed kills Jay, but given what I know about Barry and Thorne, Godspeed is Bart’s Thorne … It feels like more is happening, right?

Yeah, I’m messing around with my fingers like a mad scientist now. After all, I sincerely think that I will be cornered. It’s very complicated.

Flash Season 7 Episode 17 Bart Impulse Barry

Bettina Strauss / The CW

With Godspeed being Bart’s Thawne, have you learned anything about Barry from what we saw to what was comparable?

Bart is very different from Barry in many respects and very similar to Barry in many respects. What is very similar in the relationship between Bart and Barry is the importance of family orientation and family dynamics. With Impulse and Bart’s impulsivity, and how enthusiastic he can be, you can definitely see it. It all comes from a place of passion that his heart is so big and that he cares so deeply for the people around him as well as Barry. You can pick it up by looking at Mannerism, physicality, such small things, some episodes, and the choices Grant makes and why he does things like him. But unfamiliar and not too similar, my goal was to get a little accustomed to Bart’s interpretation of Grant’s version of Barry. “Oh, let’s take a look at his dad” is really sweet. It’s a little nice dynamic that you can get it if people choose to look for it.

But when Bart told them to kill each other’s Godspeed clones, we saw a big difference. Barry gets this look because it’s something he won’t wake up.

Yeah, when Bart hurts, he hurts, and when Bart is angry, he’s angry. When he is happy, he is happy. It’s an extreme for Bart. There are things that Bart is not allowed to do. Indeed, as you said, there are certainly lots of ranges and lots of dynamic, lots of layers peeling off.And hopefully we can continue to do so, but I definitely think so with these [last two] episode [of the season]It will be a roller coaster, especially if impulses are involved.

Flash Season 7 Episode 17 Norabart Iris

Bettina Strauss / The CW

Talk about the relationship between Bart and his parents. It turns out that he has a good relationship with them, just as he greets their current self, but at the same time, they are not yet his parents.

Did I try to embrace my mind about what it looks like? How do you feel when you go back in time? Now in 2021, I met my mother back in time and she was young, “Hey, I’m your son in the future. I know you probably don’t look like you imagined.”

My idea is, “OK, well, these relationships are very well established for him. Yeah, going back in time, my parents still don’t know me that way, but there Must have some kind of love. “I can’t even worry about how I felt when I met my 19-year-old son, who wasn’t born yet. It blows my heart away. But for Bart and Nora, Iris and Barry are moms and dads, and that alone is the end of the day, they are moms and dads, the period, the end, and love is unconditional. Bert is definitely a mommy boy. I look forward to seeing the relationship between Bert and Iris, and how Iris has the ability to reach Bert in ways that his father does not have. It’s a mother’s touch.

And that’s not a big surprise, as the family is so used to time travel.

[Laughs] correct. “Oh, are you my son in the future? I understand. Cool.”

Flash Season 7 Episode 17 Norai Lisbury

Bettina Strauss / The CW

From the beginning, I got the atmosphere of siblings from Nora and Bart. Is there a sense of betrayal on his side when she tells her parents that she can’t stay calm at Godspeed?

Yeah, I think so. She knows he’s my Thawne and I need to handle things in a particular way. She really only cares about me. “Why don’t you have my back? Why didn’t you turn your back on this?” I think it’s Bert’s hometown. “When [everything] What we have experienced, what we have sacrificed, and how we are doing everything we can to ensure that everything works for all of us, so we will be together in the future You can be a happy family and everything is ok, what do I know you need to get off and you agree with me, why can’t you hold my back at this moment? If I didn’t have a sister, if I didn’t have Nora, who would I be? We are in this together. We are back together to do what we need. Why do you stand there and help me without making me useless? Because my dad says so? It is tough.

I loved the conversation at Joe and Cecil’s house.

Thank you. It was certainly a really, really good moment. I am grateful that they just gave me freedom, made the choices I wanted to make, and did what I wanted to do.

Especially for where it happened.

Have a good brother moment on the couch, in the living room. And at that moment I also like Nora that she can see her mom inside her. It’s a really special moment.

Norabart Iris Flash Season 7 Episode 17

Bettina Strauss / The CW

I really saw Bart’s impulsive side come out when Jay was in trouble, and we know what his uncle meant to him in that conversation.

He is a mentor. We all have people in our lives who are not our parents or real aunts or uncles, and we love them that way. I need a village. That relationship makes a lot of sense to Bert, and nothing bad can happen to anyone in Bert’s life, but especially a few people, his family (mother, father, sister) and Jay. .. They are the most important people for Bart.

Jay definitely has a big influence on how Bart is him. We even say that scene on the couch: Jay is why I am me. He is the one who helped me find my strength and impulsivity, my hyperness and my energy. He said, “No, that’s your strength,” even though everyone else said, “It’ll bother you, it’ll kill you.” I needed it. I needed someone in my life who could be that person to me, and Jay became that person for Bart.It’s special

Bart just greeted his future relationship with the team — Chester [Brandon McKnight] I’m helping Bart with his homework.

correct! It’s so sweet. It was a lot of fun to shoot all those moments. That is very fun. [A] A little time travel doesn’t hurt anyone.

flash, Season 7 Finale, Tuesday, July 20th, 8 / 7c, CW

“Flash”: Western Jordan Fisher-Allen Family Reunion and Bart’s Extreme Emotions | Entertainment News

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