Fitbit Luxe review: serious fitness tracker style


Fitbit may have defined the fitness tracker era, but it’s produced some seriously ugly devices over the years. But it’s back to change that with the all-new Fitbit Luxe.

While there’s little new in terms of features, the Fitbit Luxe aims to bring a dose of style. It’s the first Fitbit fitness tracker to use an AMOLED display, and boasts a lovely stainless steel case that makes it something you might just want to wear.

Undoubtedly designed with women in mind, it’s priced at £129.99, the Luxe is a jump in price from the Inspire 2 (£89.99) but sits at a similar price to the Charge 4 (£129.99). You can also pick up a Luxe Special Edition, which comes in at £179.99.


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