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He even witnessed the crime in early May, a little more than a month after the course opened for the season. He was golfing with his son when they watched a fox intercept another golfer’s ball and disappear into the trees.

As more reports piled up, a pattern developed. The fox was most active on the holes adjacent to the park — 4, 5 and 6 — and in the evenings, starting at 6 or 7 p.m.

They posted signs in the clubhouse, warning golfers about the fox and instructing them to clap if it gets too close. “We want the fox to not get close to people,” Foreman said. “We want them to report it if it gets aggressive.”

The golf course is doing the right thing, said Steve Beal, Lincoln’s Animal Control manager: Hazing the animals lets them know you’re present.

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Beal isn’t a biologist but, based on his experience, he suspects the fox is driven by curiosity. It sees the golf balls as playthings, not prey.

And it’s building a collection. As far as Foreman knows, none of this season’s stolen property has been recovered yet.

“Somewhere, there’s a stash of quite a few golf balls.”

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