‘We don’t just need to remove animals, we need to create better products’


Founded last year by Dominik Grabinski (Kitchentown, Yeap, DSM, Cargill) and Max Elder (Institute for the Future), Nowadays​​ seeks to punch above its weight in the category with frozen plant-based chicken nuggets with an ultra-short ingredients list (filtered water, yellow pea protein, whole wheat flour, sunflower oil, yeast extract, maple fiber, mushroom extract), with no added salt, sugar, starch or methylcellulose.

Debuting direct to consumer this month ahead of a retail launch next year, Nowadays nuggets are also significantly lower in calories, saturated fat and sodium, and higher in fiber than the competitive set, be it animal- or plant-based, delivering an “unparalleled nutritional profile,”​ claims the San Francisco-based startup.

Consumers expect plant-based products to be healthier

Compared with plant-based rivals, Nowadays nuggets have 140mg sodium (vs a more typical 300-500mg); 5g fiber (vs 1-3g); 3.5g fat (vs 7-10g); zero grams of saturated fat (vs 0.5-1.5g); and 120 calories (vs 170-220) per 85g serving.  

Tyson chicken nuggets, meanwhile, contain 444mg sodium, no fiber, 4g saturated fat and 16g total fat, and 255 calories.   

Right now, Elder told FoodNavigator-USA, “alternative protein companies are creating more sustainable and more humane products, but when you talk to consumers, the primary ​motivation [for buying plant-based] is health; the perception at least, is that these products are healthier. So there’s a disconnect.

“We don’t just need to remove animals, we need to create better products.”​  


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