3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Invest Like Billionaires Do | Personal Finance


2. They may have different strategies in mind

Wealthy investors may invest for different reasons than everyday investors. You may be saving for retirement, for example, while a billionaire may view investing as a fun hobby.

In this case, the billionaire may not care whether they lose money. To them, investing in the stock market is simply a fun experiment. But if you’re going to be depending on your investments to fund your future, how those investments perform will matter a lot.

3. They may not be great investors

Just because a person is a billionaire doesn’t necessarily make them a good investor. Many billionaires made their fortunes by starting their own businesses or inheriting money — not by investing.

In other words, some billionaires may not know any more than you do when it comes to the stock market. Rather than blindly following wealthy investors’ strategies in an attempt to make more money, you may be better off finding your own strategy.

How should you invest?

Investing is personal, so how you choose to invest will depend on a few factors. First, think about your tolerance for risk. If you’re older or are preparing for retirement, you may be more risk-averse than a young investor looking to experiment in the stock market with their spare cash.


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